Hello Blog!

There can be multiple things I can talk about. Believe me I do talk about a lot of other stuff. But at the moment this blog is going to be my repository for everything I need from time to time, save in some nook or corner an then forget where I kept it until I need them again.

Be assured, it is all gonna be tech savvy. Kudos to beginnings.

P.S. I love the font on this blog, don’t you?


Take screenshot captures of web pages the console command-line way!

Here is a fun thing I learned today! I have been very dependent on add-ons in my web browsers for taking screen shots of web pages. But I suddenly realized there must be a developer console command for it. And there was! (Since Firefox16!) It was so cool! Here is is!

In Mozilla Firefox, just Press Shift+F2 to open the developer console or go to or go to Tools > Web Developer > Developer Toolbar. And simply type:

>>screenshot --clipboard --fullpage

And Voila! Ya have the complete screen shot on your clipboard!!Definitely a handy tool for me!

Until my next discovery!

Changing The Lock Screen with Multiple Users

This one is for Windows 8/8.1 which I am using. Not sure how this would work on the other Windows OS, although the idea perhaps remains the same?

The Individual User Lock Screen for a user can be changed through the Windows Charms Bar > Change PC Settings.

The one I am talking about is the lock screen when you have multiple users created on a single Windows 8/8.1 system and they are all logged off. Didn’t come to my mind there would be one!

So here is how this goes:

The Sign Out Screen is stored in:

To change this default one, here is how I learnt to proceed:


  1.  Go to folder C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows
  2.  Right click on SystemData >Properties>Security>Advanced>Change
  3.  Select your user name (You must be in Administrators group), and Add it.
  4.  Tick on “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects“, click Apply >OK
  5.  Go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\S1518\ReadOnly\LockScreen_Z
    You will see the default image(s) in this folder, To view them:
  6. Right click on it>Properties>Security>Edit>Add
  7. Select your User Name and Add.
  8. Replace the image with an image of your choosing, just make sure that they have the same names and resolution as shown in LockScreen_Z.
  9. IMPORTANT: After swapping the images, Right click on image>Properties>Securities>Edit and make sure the SYSTEM is in the user list with permission shown below:
    1. Read&Execute
    2. Read

Sign out and Voila! There is the image you were looking for to sooth your eyes!